Former POW Colonel Ted "Hawk" Guy was a talented, enigmatic Fighter Pilot whose record of honor has rarely been matched and never been exceeded.
After a bomb on his F4 failed to release properly and detonated too close to the aircraft he was involuntarily ejected over Southern Laos and was Captured by NVA troops...
Colonel Guy was a close friend to those involved in the fight for the truth. Although Ted passed away in April of 1999, we still have his own words to tell us how he felt about the issue.

I am a retired Air Force fighter jock, with over two hundred and fifty combat missions, both in Korea and Vietnam. On March 22, 1968, while on a mission in Southern Laos, I was zapped by the North Vietnamese Communists and became their guest in the various resorts in Laos and in and around Hanoi, North Vietnam. Apparently, I complained too much about the service, or lack thereof, and spent almost four of the next five years in solitary confinement. During this time, I had the honor of being the commander (Senior Ranking Officer) of those captured in South Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. In our group we had State Department employees, members of all service branches, and even two West German nurses, one of which was a lovely young lady named Monika. You must admit, this was a very unusual and diverse group, but it was the finest I ever had the honor of commanding in my 26 years of service. We were known as "Hawk's Heros."

Were POWs Abandoned?
Until 1990, I believed that all the POWs were released during Operation Homecoming in 1973. I maintained this belief until 1990. In fact, I gave many, many talks around the country about the POW issue. My closing remarks were always the same: "All the POWs are home that are coming home and the rest (MIAs) are dead".
You see, I knew that my government would not lie to me,however, in early 1990, after talking to many family members of POWs and MIAs, I began having doubts. What followed was a thorough re-examination of the whole issue. The more I listened instead of talking, the more I read, then the more the odds swung towards the fact that YES, there were POWs left behind (abandoned) and YES, there was evidence that some might still be alive. Since that time I have spoken repeatedly of the need to learn the truth and my position has been published and/or quoted by the media many times.

On March 30, 1998 Colonel Guy gave his endorsement to Roger Hall and the POWFOIA litigation in a letter which reads in part:

I strongly support Mr. Roger Hall's efforts to overcome the institutionalized resistance that has occurred and continues to occur which has prevented/hampered the release of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) data pertaining to Prisoners of War. I feel as Mr Hall feels, that the only way the CIA data is ever going to be made public is by court order. Not only has the CIA violated President Bush's Executive Order (12812) but it has ignored President Clinton's Presidential Decision Directive #8 on the declassification of records. Could it be that to release this information might bring great discredit to the CIA and many other agencies of the United States Government in regard to the whole POW/MIA issue? I think so.
Anyone who believes that there will never be any more Prisoners of War or Missing in Action is living in an Alice in Wonderland type Utopia. We must find out what happened to our "forgotten" brave men and women who were committed to battle so that the tragedies of the past will not happen again. The term Killed in Action, Body Not Recovered is, in most cases, unacceptable in this day and age.
I urge you to join me and Roger in his efforts to bring the POW/FOIA litigation to a quick and successful conclusion. Our future soldiers, sailors and airmen, who again may be placed in harm's way, and their families will be eternally grateful.

Theodore W. Guy
Col. USAF (Ret)
Former POW

Visit Hawk's Page maintained in his absence by the members of Operation Just Cause, the organization he helped create.

Read about his capture and imprisonment at The POW Network Home Page

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