The Mission of Studies Solutions Results, Inc. is to:
  1. research, identify and obtain missing and withheld government documentation [including its declassification] on American POW/MIAs and detainees utilizing the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), Executive Orders, and other laws to meet client and POW/MIA issue needs;
  2. make the documents available to POW/MIA families and the public;
  3. further such endeavors by correlating, analyzing, and creating information products for the POW/MIA families, public, and media;
  4. pursue future research, FOIA’s, public education, media outlet resources;
  5. promote the POW/MIA issue and its problems to Inform and educate the public, improve government policy, and help bring about an honest resolution and return of POW/MIA survivors.

It is our observation and experience that laws are written and exist to be exercised. The Congress writes the laws of the land, the Executive Branch implements the requirements and practices of the laws. When the executive branch departments and agencies fail to protect under the law for whatever reason the courts are our recourse under law. We have picked up the necessary duty to fight for surviving unreturned POW/MIAs in the courts, and to use information obtained to write laws for the return of those survivors.
?BR> A Freedom of Information Act case was filed against the CIA in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia for the release of all POW/MIA information in May 1998.
?BR> The Studies Solutions Results, Inc. POW/MIA FOIA Litigation Account was established on September 2,?998 as a 501 (C)(3) non profit entity to assure that unreturned POW/MIA documentation withheld by government that reveals the information and location of survivors be revealed to POW/MIA families and the public so that proper measures be taken to assure actions be taken for their safe return. Some documents were released during the first two years shedding light on some cases. The CIA has resisted releasing documentation we know they still withhold.
?BR> On August 10, 2000 the US Court for the District of Columbia revealed that the CIA and the Defense POW/MIA Office did have information on the last known location of at least one live POW/MIA. But the information was properly classified. Our pursuit of that information continues so that action is taken to assure the return of our fighting men. It is an unfortunate practice of government that documentation on unreturned POW/MIAs is withheld for matters of national security with no constructive action for return or rescue. That practice prevents negotiations from being prosecuted. We fight to have that information revealed so that government acts on that information.
?BR> In November 2003 Judge Freidman wrongfully dismissed the case on a technicality.
?BR> During April and May 2004 the POW/MIA FOIA Litigation Account refilled the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) law-suite in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia against the CIA. An Appeal was also filed in the court of Appeals on the matters on which Judge Freidman wrongfully dismissed the suit.
?BR> In addition to the above continuing efforts to obtain POW/MIA documentation we will soon file an additional FOIA suite against the Department of Defense for some of the documentation they are still withholding. We will begin this action against government entities on behalf of our unreturned POW/MIAs.
?BR> In 1997 I committed to seeing these court cases through to their successful completion. I have rededicate my efforts. There are those who have solidly supported our efforts for many years now and have generously contributed to help in these pursuits – I hope you, and others will support our efforts again this year. Legal Costs will go up in that I have obtained another attorney for the Department of Defense FOIA case.
?BR> Be part of the solution.
Until they all return.
?BR> Sincerely,
Roger Hall
President/Executive Director
Studies Solutions Results, Inc.,
POW/MIA FOIA Litigation Account
P.O. # 8044
Silver Spring, MD 20907
?BR> Web site: POWFOIA.org
?BR> 301/585-3361

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