The second Freedom of Information Act litigation case for POW/MIA documentation against the CIA continues.

On Wednesday December 17, 2008 a 17 page declaration by Roger Hall on evidence revealing documentation wrongfully withheld from the American public, and a 53 page Renewed Cross-Motion for Partial Summary Judgment was filed with the US District Court for the District of Columbia.

The filing also included a request for an Order Authorizing Plaintiffs to Take Discovery, and an order instructing Defendant CIA to Conduct Additional Searches for POW/MIA, and other motions.

With supporting documentation this totaled approximately 400 pages, resulting from hundreds of hours of work.

WE need Help of donations to continue this court fight.

This court action against the CIA does not have the publicity of the 1993 Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs of 1992. We also don't have the support the veterans of this country showed when that POW/MIA Committee was in session. However, we have found evidence that POWs were left alive in communist hands after March 1973; only a few organization still help us with our costs and expenses.

We need your help, donate what you can to:

Studies Solution Results, Inc
POW/MIA FOIA Litigation Account
P.O. # 8044
Silver Spring, MD

The CIA resists releasing hundreds of documents on POW/MIAs because of what it would reveal. This case began with public support. It still continues with less support. Donate what you can, Some POW/MIAs still survive in communist hands, there have been live sighting reports with evidence confirming the identity of two men in recent years.

The CIA is a big part of the problem and won't release documents they control because it will bring shame on the CIA and certain individuals who work for government.

Be part of the solution, donate what you can.